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Geographic Information Systems

A geographic information system (GIS) combines spatial and non-spatial data to produce useful information, such as a display of houses on a map. GIS has enormous potential for organizations to understand and manage their resources.
Tech Earth Services is actively engaged in developing GIS for government and business. Visit the Web sites below for examples.
Web site Purpose Features
Google Sites
Vulnerable Vancouver Finding residents at risk in an earthquake in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Dynamically generated KML layers
Ajax lookups to create features on the map
jQuery tabs, sliders, and dialog boxes
Dynatree layer control
Google visualization heatmaps
Google Maps Samples Examples of Google Maps
Driving Directions
Find Restaurants
Image Overlays
MVC Arrays
Documentation Sites
MapGuide Manual Curriculum for MapGuide
MapGuide concepts
MapGuide studio
Understanding Programming with Python Curriculum for Introduction to Programming course using Python
Basic programming concepts
Web Services
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